Texting correlated with good spelling and grammar

Texting has been reported to be correlated with good spelling and grammar in schools. I read about an older study in David Crystal’s Internet Language book showing pupils who texted more had better spelling and grammar texted than those who didn’t text as much. While it’s only a correlation, there seems to be the feeling that texting does help with spelling and grammar. This could be for a variety of reasons: to abbreviate and play with language you need to understand the rules of standard spelling and grammar; texting a lot means you’re practising your spelling; when texting you need to be able to express yourself clearly enough for someone else to understand you. I think the latter is really important.

When we learn our mother tongue as a baby and when we learn a foreign language, it’s important to have an immediate response from someone so you can gauge your success. I imagine this might be the same when practising grammar and spelling. When you get something wrong in school you usually have the delayed response to the teacher marking you. While in texting if you don’t express yourself well enough, you’ll often soon receive a confused reply or be asked to explain better. I imagine this might help to develop better grammar and spelling skills. I can’t wait until people stop complaining about how damaging electronic communication is on young people’s spelling and grammar and realise it actually might help


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