New year, new bookshelves

Happy New year!

I was given some books for Christmas, but I now face the challenge of shelving them. For someone who reads so much, you’d think I’d have better organised bookshelves. Luckily I mainly listen to audiobooks and get books from the library, but I have a big enough collection of books to want to organise them.

Currently my books are divided into rough sections: knitting, craft and maths (?!) books; cookery books; books about literature, architecture, grammar, spelling and style guides; chemistry textbooks for my evening course; dictionaries and academic linguistic books; poetry and books about unusual words; travel guides; books I’m currently reading; books on loan from the library or other people; annnd fiction. Just a big mess of fiction. It’s vaguely arranged with series grouped together in the same place, but really it’s a mess. I’m thinking of reordering if for the start of a new year, but I’m not sure how? Fiction is the main problem as it’s a three-deep shelf so I can only see 1/3 of the book titles at a time.

I was looking at these some suggestions on bookshelf arrangements (here and here). I remember being confused by my cousin’s colour coordinated bookshelf when I was younger and that still doesn’t make much sense to me. Genera won’t really work because I mainly just have fantasy, humour and classics. I read other generas, but usually get them from the library. I liked a suggestion about ordering books by emotional response. I think something similar might work for me: ‘Light’, ‘thought provoking’, ‘summery day’, ‘curled up with a cup of tea in winter’, ‘comfort books’, ‘sad’, etc.? Maybe not your typical library system, but could be what I want. I’m now curious about how other people arrange their bookshelves?


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