Bookshelfies and dating sites

Oh gosh, this post has alerted me to a tumblr called bookshelfies that shows photos of people posing in front of their bookcases with a list of a few of the titles that can be found there. I’m torn between yelling “No, you’re a reader, you should know better than this! Don’t copy them!”, having the urge to grab my camera and take a picture of myself with one of my book cases, and thinking that this could probably really hit it off as a theme for a dating site if everyone had their profile pictures like this.

There already are dating sites catering for book lovers, but a quick glance seems to show me that they’re still fairly traditional in their profile poses. I actually did a coursework project on initial interactions in dating sites and – in my expert opinion 😉 – think that bookshelfies dating profiles could probably work if it was a theme for everyone’s profile picture.

Would I actually pick a date on their reading tastes? Probably not. Reading is most definitely attractive (I was put off Austen’s charming Mr Bingley when I read that he didn’t read) but I wouldn’t date someone primarily on their taste in books.

p.s. I’ve managed to resist grabbing my camera so far.


2 thoughts on “Bookshelfies and dating sites

  1. THAT WOULD BE THE BEST DATING SITE EVER. You should totally make it happen. I probably would pick someone based on their reading tastes – I think what you read can show a lot about a person and I know how horrifically boring it is to listen to someone talk about a book that you think sucks for AGES AND AGES.

    I would totally take a bookshelfie if I had more of a bookcase and less of a pile 😉

    • Thank you for commenting! I think the dating site’s search function (the kinda place where you can specify the gender, age, height, hair colour of the profiles you want to see) would have sections where you could specify preferred genera, whether or not they are a tea drinker, their Hogwarts house, and if they are the kind of person to use a bookmark or fold over the corner of the page. Any other search criteria you think would be needed?

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