Once in a blue moon

Tonight is a blue moon. It’s currently hiding behind the clouds but there won’t be anything specifically to see anyway. However I love looking at the night sky even on uneventful nights. Outside my window there  is a ledge where if I clamber out=I can sit on the roof overlooking the city. This is one of my favourite places. If I’m feeling upset or stressed I can sit on the roof and look out across the roof tops or at the sky. I feel so tiny and insignificant it puts all my problems into perspective. One of my favourite phone apps is the Google Sky map. Using the app if you put your phone in front of the area of sky you’re looking at it (approximately) shows you what stars and constellations you’re looking at. Really cool.

I was going to look up the meanings around the phrase ‘once in a full moon’ as I never really knew if it meant something that’s impossible or something that’s really rare. I guess the literal translation would make it be more likely to mean a rare occurrence rather than in impossible one. While this seemed to be the case I couldn’t find a definite source for where the meaning came from, however I might have a deeper look another time. When you Google ‘once in a full moon’ it gives you ‘= 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz’. This is an Easter egg playing on the literal translation of the phrase to mean occurring  in a calendar month in which there has already been a full moon, which happens every 2.7154 years. I find the literal – figurative cross over here really pleasing. I guess it’s kind of a pun and puns are always fun.


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