Literary characters’ business cards and hypothetical wedding table names

Here are some business cards of literary characters. I adore this idea but find the execution a bit lacking. For example, I can’t see Miss Jean Brodie being happy with such a conformingly simple card. This definitely inspires me to practise my Publisher skills and make some of my own! Quite excited by this idea. Oh gosh, now the decision is whom to pick?

Miss Jean Brodie’s business card. From Publishers Weekly

Tonight I spent a delightful meal with a friend where we got into a silly conversation about using authors’ names as wedding table names. We amused ourselves by thinking about placing guests at tables depending on their personalities in relation to the author’s works. So the witty guests on the Wilde table, the dramatic romantics on the Bronte table, the negative people on the Plath table, etc. I wonder if the guests would pick up on it? It’s a silly thought but it was quite fun to think about which books embody the characteristics of various friends and family members. I’m still not sure which table I’d be at?


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