From graduand to graduate

It was my boyfriend’s graduation yesterday. We kept hearing the word ‘graduand’ so I looked up what the difference was between that and graduate. Apparently a graduand is someone who is eligible to graduate but hasn’t yet, while a graduate is someone who has graduated.

Well, I told him this and he suggested that this makes sense because in maths in an integral the expression to be integrated is called the integrand (apparently) so it makes sense that someone going to be graduated is a graduand. The same thing is true for when you’re dividing one number by another, the number to be divided is the dividend (although spelt with a different ending). Well I looked this up and yep it comes from how Latin denotes things that are going to happen but have not yet happened yet basically (Latin gerundive, for anyone wanting to look up a less vague description!). The spelling of ‘dividend’ is unusual but it seems that it just evolved like this from its unusual stem words.

I love that my boyfriend pointed this pattern out as I probably wouldn’t have found out more otherwise.

Anyway found this out just in time to know that I am still currently a graduand, but will be a graduate tomorrow!


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