Over-thinking my CV’s font

I have finished my degree and have my provisional results. This means that I am now teetering on the point between ‘just having a break after finishing university’ and ‘unemployed’. It’s a fine line. Either way I am now looking for a job. This means I need to finalise my CV.

This post kind of links back to my ramblings about Llama font a few weeks ago, but now this is more serious: my getting an interview might depend on this.

So, my CV is written in Llama font…

No, I joke, but I have been wasting my time messing about with the font. I’m pretty sure that this is just my brain procrastinating and trying to get out of having to do a final draft, however part of me thinks that getting this right is important. What font should I use? Should I change it depending on whether I submit the CV online or as a hardcopy? Oh the decisions! 

I followed a link to an article today about how fonts influence perceptions. It made me feel that my procrastination might not be completely unwarranted. It’s a good read even if you aren’t procrastinating over your CV’s font.

I’m going to finalise my CV before going back to the whole font issue because I know deep down that the content is more important. Most applications seem to be through online forms anyway. I might allow myself some time – after I’ve finished my CV and sent off this pressing application for an internship I would love – researching the best fonts for CVs, but until then good, standard Cambria it is. 


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